HACC MDS2 Reporting with CiviCRM

HACC MDS2 Reporting with CiviCRM using CommunityCRMs Data Exchanger

  • Please note - the data displayed is fictitious and in no way represents an actual client

CommunityCRM have developed their own Data Exchanger platform which interfaces with CiviCRM. This allows our clients to electronically submit their HACC data to the HACC MDS National Data Repository (NDR) from within CiviCRM. 

HACC MDS2 Reporting Features with CiviCRM:

  • Automatic validation of all MDS2 data.
  • Postcode/Suburb validation.
  • Clients with warnings are flagged for easier identification.
  • Clicking an instance of service will open the job/activity within CiviCRM.
  • Displays each instance of service. Displays actual vs rounded reporting totals.
  • Can be easily extended to work with other CRMs

The HACC Minimum Data Set (MDS2) is a collection of data about HACC clients (such as their demographic information) and the amount and types of assistance being delivered to them through the HACC Program your organisation provides.

MDS data collections have a set of nationally significant data items or pieces of information that are collected in all Australian jurisdictions and both have an agreed electronic method of collection and transmission.  CommunityCRM's DataExchnager allows seamless validation and 1 click reporting every quarter.

MDS2 Data is collected by HACC agencies on an ongoing basis, and is submitted electronically to the HACC MDS2 National Data Repository (NDR) four times a year. 

The HACC MDS2 has been, and continues to be, a valuable source of data that is used by the Australian Government, state and territory governments, service providers and other various organisations for;

  • Strategic planning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Strategy development
  • Internal management of HACC services
  • Comparisons with other aged, community care and health data collections.

MDS2 Reporting Periods:

Quarter Last Submission Date
1/1 - 31/3 25/4
1/4 - 30/6 25/7
1/7 - 30/9 25/10
1/10 - 31/12  25/1